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We need your feedback!

We're in the middle of negotiating a deal. But before we even get to that, we want to find out YOUR response. Would you be willing to pay $10 shipping and handling fee for items off online sites in the UK (e.g. New Look, Principles, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Miss selfridge), Germany (e.g. H&M), France, Belgium? Poll now:

[CLOSED] In stock H&M sale

Finally, the H&M in stock sale! FREE NORMAL POSTAGE provided for all items! Please email at spreealot@gmail.com to place orders.

[CLOSED] In stock BAG sale!

We're selling these instock pretty bags! Buy now and get them within max 3 days! :) PLUS FREE NORMAL POST! Check them out now! :)

==(i'm a BAG girl)==

[CLOSED] Topshop spree 1

This is a special spree from:

zomgoodness has kindly agreed to coordinate this spree. I'll be performing the transaction.

Shipping is from TOPSHOP to my VpostUSA address.

Hence the higher shipping fee.
A breakdown for shipping fee:
$3 from UK to US
$3 from US to Sg
Total: $6


what's coming up?

Dear Spree-ers,

Thank you for your support and participation!

We're currently taking a break from organising sprees as we're currently busy preparing for the arrival of our in-stock from H&M!! :)

For that , sprees will be put on a standstill till 30th Jan. However, do check back for regular updates on the details of the spree that you've participated in! We try to update them as often as we can!

Having said that, please do understand that we've our limitations and that if the shipping company does not provide us updates, we can't update you too! Of course, if shipping takes more than a reasonable amount of time, I'll be doing the calling-up. But in the meantime, we ask for your kind understanding and your patience!

We will try within our control to send the items to you asap, but we also ask for understanding that we're unable to give you a fixed time when the items will arrive. This is because of many unpredictable factors with regards to shipping and mailing companies. Hence, please do not ask for a commitment or guarantee of a date. We can, however, offer a good estimate of when your items will arrive.

Thank you once again and have a good January ahead!

[CLOSED] Charlotte Russe spree 2

18/1/08: Many items OOS. Affected spree-ers emailed and refunded. Items may take some time to reach as Spree 1 has only reached the US office and CGW cannot give me an approximate to when I will receive it. *GRRR*.

29/1/08: On my invoice from CGW, Charlotte Russe spree 2 is supposed to reach me on 30th Jan. BUT spree 1 items haven't even arrived! Please give me more time as I chase CGW for a reply. I've talked to them today but their reply was a measly "I can't update you on anything now because our concierge side is closed". And the concierge won't be opened for the rest of the day. I'm sorry girls. I'm really trying my best to sort this out.

31/1/08: Some bad news, babes. The bank has denied the charges made for this spree. Since most items are OOS, i've canceled the order instead. I'll be refunding the affected spree-ers by the end of this week.

Refunds have been made after i found out that CGW made a huge mistake (AGAIN!). Apparently the customer service officer told me the wrong thing - these items have actually been charged to my card and can't be canceled. In a nutshell, ladies, my experience with CGW concierge has been almost nightmarish.

feeling friendly and nice so she's having a sale!

Check out:


[CLOSED] Urban Outfitters *repost*

18/1/08: CGW has received our parcel. They've promised a delivery date of 3-5 days if there are no flight delays.

29/1/08: Items have arrived. All spree-ers mass-emailed. Items will be mailed out on 30th Jan 2008. Thanks for your support, spree-ers! :)


>In response to the huge demand:

is having a sale with an additional 25% of what's already on sale! And it's closing THIS SUNDAY! SO, act NOW!

=.=(I'm AN URBAN GIRL)=.=


Some cute apparel at

Items we thought were cute:

==(I'm the QUEEN)==

VS Spree

Victoria's Secret

Free Garment Bag worth USD$20 
to be given to the spreer with the highest item(s) cost if redeemed successfully! =)